Meet Ann


Disney Travel Agent

Location: Rock Hill, SC also known as Football City USA

 Fun Facts: I am a Clemson Tiger, proud dog mom, foodie, engineer and traveler. I am originally from the suburbs of Washington, DC and have decided to settle myself in the sweetest part of the south, Rock Hill, SC. I am an engineer for a general contractor in Charlotte, NC and I work to create amazing complex structures. Nevertheless, my true passion lies in travel and all of the planning, experiences and transformations that it entails.  

 Do you have a favorite thing about traveling?

I love meeting new people. I have travelled to several countries and have lived with natives. In France, I learned the way of leisure living in the countryside and enjoying the beauty of the world around. In Japan, I discovered the exciting, bustling life of Tokyo and all of the amazing food, technology and fashion there is to offer! The families I stayed with helped me to immerse myself into their lifestyles and their diverse culture.

What’s your favorite food?

Asian, French, Mexican, a Mickey shaped waffle. I love all foods and I love trying strange delicacies. In Japan, I ate cow’s tongue—and no it did not taste like chicken. I also ate fresh sushi, oysters, ramen, tendon and my absolute favorite sukiyaki! In Korea, I had bulgogi, Korean barbeque and kimchi and oh my goodness they were delicious! In France, I had escargot and they really are delicious. Also, appreciating some croissants and crepes along the Loire is really one of the best things. I love being adventurous in food. I’ll try anything once!

Do you have a bucket list trip?

I have been many places and I’m only 23! But I would love to travel around Europe more. I want to run from bulls, stand under Stonehenge, hear the bells of Big Ben, follow the steps of heroes on the beaches of Normandy, and climb every mountain like Julie Andrews. I have aspirations to visit all of these places, just need a little pixie dust and I’ll be flying off.

Do you have advice for travelers?

My advice would be to have the willingness to try something new. Be spontaneous and try something out of your comfort zone! Live like locals and do as they do! Enjoy the life around you and also most of all take a chance to breathe it in! Travelling can become fast paced and scheduled but take the time to sit back, enjoy the breeze and live La Vie en Rose.

Have you ever been somewhere that you’d say “changed your life”?

A couple of summers ago, I visited my brother and his family as he was stationed in South Korea. Traveling that country and meeting locals was just a change from my simple reality. It is a country still at war and still fully prepared for everything and anything. I discovered just how serious life is; just a couple hours beyond the city is the DMZ and it is nothing like I have ever seen. The border is a very serious and tense place. Everyone is on edge and ready. It is nothing like what you will find in the states. It was enlightening to realize what life is like in different parts of the world especially those in severe contrast to your own. I now have a new found appreciation for my freedom and the work that my brother and the military does to keep life the way it is.

You call yourself a “foodie”- what does that look like for you in terms of traveling?

Food is everything! Food is the best way to really immerse oneself into the culture around them. From homemade ratatouille, or Japan’s version of a backyard barbeque which involves everything from oysters to ribs, enjoying the food of the people is the best way to understand the culture and its flavor.

Ann Specializes in Walt Disney World Vacations