Meet Julie

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Worldwide Travel Advisor

Where do you live?

I live in Boise, Idaho currently but I was born in the South. As a military wife of 17 years we have lived in Alaska and both the East and West coasts, as well as the South. I have three girls who love to travel too - the military life prepared us for adventure. 

 Favorite food?

I love everything! Having lived all over the country I have learned to like & cook just about everything. But I have a special affinity for southern food. When we visit the South we get our fill of southern specialties.


Does your family enjoy traveling?

My girls were born to travel, they enjoy seeing new places & meeting new people as does my husband.  We love to travel together whether it's rafting a river or relaxing on a warm beach or cruising together. 


What is your favorite thing about travel?

We love that we are making memories with our family.  These memories are priceless!

Julie Specializes in Disneyland Vacations, Alaska, Hawaii, Western US Vacations and all Cruises.