Meet Leah


Worldwide Travel Advisor

Where do you live?

I am based in Seattle, WA but I am a California native who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest by way of Charleston, SC  

Do you have a favorite thing about traveling?
I love experiencing new cultures, people, food, all of it! Making treasured memories and new world views are the best souvenirs.

What’s your favorite food?
Tacooooooos! I'm from SoCal, so I could basically eat Mexican food every day of my life and be a happy camper! 🇲🇽

Do you have a bucket list trip?
Too many too count! But a romantic get away to Italy is definitely at the top of the list! Riding vespas, exploring historical buildings, wine tasting through Tuscany, eating pasta + pizza to my heart's content, and relaxing on the beach of The Mediterranean. 

Have you ever been somewhere that you’d say “changed your life”?
Yes! Traveling to Kenya was definitely one of those trips for me! I met the most warm and generous people I've ever encountered, saw awe inspiring landscapes, and observed wild animals (lions!) up close and personal in The Masai Mara National Reserve. Africa opened my heart to new beauty and world diversity. It was the kind of trip that marked my life forever.   

Do your husband and kids love to travel as much as you? 
Yes! Every one of us are always up for an adventure, big or small!

You call yourself a “foodie”- what does that look like for you in terms of traveling?
It's all about the experience for me! There is nothing like eating the best greek yogurt you'll ever taste in your life while in Greece, or loading up on fish-n-chips at a popular London pub, or savoring Hawaiian shave ice under a palm tree on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Leah Specializes in Destination Weddings, Alaskan Cruises, Italy Vacations,

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