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Thoughts on Traveling to Mexico


As a group of trusted Travel Advisors, we are asked weekly for our thoughts on “Traveling to Mexico” so we compiled them all in one simple blog post, to share with you all.

In the past, safety has been a concern for tourists when traveling outside of the United States and into Mexico. Based on the US Government’s Mexico Travel Safety Advisory, Mexico is considered a LEVEL 2.

What does Level 2 Mean?

It means, Exercise Increased Caution. Sure, those 3 words can cause anyone anxiety- however, they are 3 common words used in traveling ANYWHERE abroad these days. Click Here to read more about ways to be vigilant, when traveling in Mexico.

Sure, there are places in Mexico that we wouldn’t personally travel- however there are places within our own cities, that we also wouldn’t go into. To put it in perspective, the country of Mexico is more than three times the size of the state of Texas. It is a HUGE country. The common areas of the Yucatan (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa Mujeres), the historic city of San Miguel, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and many more are truly considered safe.

But what about all of these articles I see on Facebook?

Most of the articles that are floating around on social media today are deceiving. They are what are considered “Bait and Click” articles- which are commonly used to make money. Every time a person clicks on the article or shares it — the person who wrote it, gets paid.

Other thoughts to consider when reading the articles:

  1. What date was the article published? Many times we see articles resurface that are YEARS old. We have been in this industry long enough to see the same articles resurface, year after year— and they are “Old News”.

  2. Just because the picture on the article is of “the hotel zone” of Cancun and the title of the article says “2 Bodies found in the Back of a Truck”, it doesn’t mean that the crime happened where the photo reflects. If you actually open the article, read it and then google the location that the crime happened in, most of the time it happened several hours away from where the “photo” portrays. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Our mainstream media has truly gotten away from fact checking before posting/reposting. More times than not, they end up having to do a retraction to their first article to post the truth - the only problem is— the damage has already been done. Most never take time to read “the second run”.

  3. Only Read Trusted Sources when making your travel decisions. In this case (and many others) this is our trusted source.

  4. Know the cycle. These articles always reappear right before common US Holidays. They create fear just as we are about to pack our suitcases and leave. Just know that the common times to see these articles popping up are early Spring (Spring Break) and again in early June (Summer Vacations). So be prepared when your Mother calls to tell you about “What she read on Facebook and she thinks you need to cancel your planned vacation because everyone is dying in Mexico” — and refer back to #1, #2, #3 above for guidance.

Have I ever felt unsafe when traveling to Mexico?

Absolutely NOT! We have each traveled to Mexico several times a year for the past few years and have never once, felt unsafe. Some of us have traveled solo, or with our families and even on girls trips and never once have we put ourselves into a compromising situation that left any of us feeling anxious. You definitely need to make smart decisions and do your research before traveling anywhere abroad.

Do you have any Advice for those who are considering Traveling to Mexico?

USE A TRUSTED TRAVEL ADVISOR. We have your safety and wellbeing at the top of our priorities and wouldn’t send you anywhere, that we wouldn’t travel to ourselves.

Team Hello has years of experience and would love to help you with your next adventure. You can click here to fill out a client questionnaire for a complimentary quote.

What do we love most about Mexico?








Mexico truly has something for every type of traveler - from budget friendly to luxury. Romance to Adventure. The options are endless in such a diverse country. Also, we argue the statement from clients “No Mexico, We’ve done it” - We can promise you this—traveling to Cancun is nothing like traveling to Cabo San Lucas. It would be like saying “I’m not interested in traveling to California because I’ve visited Washington DC”. Trust us when considering our recommendations to you. We are here to help narrow down your choices and to give you options that we think would best fit your wants/desires for your vacation.